With the help of the presented CMS-system, which was named CMS Hub Starter, companies will be able to create web pages on the basis of their own CRM to provide a better user experience.

CRM platform HubSpot has announced that it is entering the market for website builders like Pixpa, Wix or Weebly. The company launches its own CMS system called CMS Hub Starter.

Developers and marketers will appreciate the new tool that provides a range of advanced options for building and running business websites. The system is designed both for creating simple one-page landing pages and more complex websites for online stores.

The user is given the opportunity to choose a theme and the main functions of the site, as is the case with other site builders. It is also possible to provide all the necessary security options, including SSL and web application firewall. And the main strength of the new CMS, which is especially emphasized by its creators, will be that it is built in conjunction with CRM functions. So companies can use their own CRM data to build better and more efficient websites.

The cost of using the CMS Hub Starter is $25 per month, and the system is also available as part of the Starter CRM Suite from HubSpot, which costs $45-50 per month.