HubSpot, a renowned developer of cloud-based inbound marketing and sales software, announced the strategic acquisition of Clearbit, which promises a significant expansion of the capabilities of their marketing platform. Clearbit, which specializes in providing companies with powerful data for business intelligence, will bring a wealth of information on millions of companies to HubSpot, which will certainly affect the effectiveness of marketing strategies.

Clearbit, which came to market in 2015, was originally a tool for tracking and collecting information about businesses, including contact details and personal information about employees. Over time, the service has evolved and been enriched with functionality for marketing and sales, as well as integration with popular CRM systems, including Salesforce and HubSpot. A new round of development for Clearbit is associated with the introduction of artificial intelligence technologies based on LLM, which allow the service to transform raw, unstructured information into standardized data sets that are valuable for business. Matt Sornson, co-founder and CEO of the company, noted the significance of these innovations in identifying and enriching data from enterprises.

Representatives of HubSpot explained the need to purchase Clearbit because modern technologies significantly simplify the process of collecting data, but do not solve problems with their analysis and further practical use. HubSpot CEO Yamini Rangan emphasized that combining the data sets collected by both platforms will allow businesses to enrich information about their customers in real time. Upon completion of the transaction, Clearbit will become a subsidiary of HubSpot and integrate with its platform. More than 400 000 Clearbit users and over 1,500 business clients of this service will only benefit from this, having received full access to the capabilities and functionality of HubSpot.