The company has named the deadline after which it will stop supporting this business service package - July 1, 2022.

Google has officially confirmed the information that the free package of services for improving the efficiency of business processes G Suite will be closed. The date after which it will no longer be supported is named - July 1, 2022. Users will have to join the paid Workspace service before this time. The news does not apply to non-profit and educational organizations and individuals, the innovation will only affect business users.

Initially, the software package from Google was called Google Apps, then it was renamed G Suite. Later the company began to call it the Workspace platform, however the part of services still remained "under an umbrella" of G Suite. This period has also come to an end and now all business applications and services from Google will be included in the Workspace package.

Users of the free version of G Suite will have to upgrade to one of the paid Workspace packages by May 1st. If the company does not choose a subscription plan itself, the transition will be automatic, and the choice of tariff will be based on the current level of platform usage. If you automatically switch to a new tariff, you will not be billed for its use within two months.

However, if companies do not provide their payment information within this period, the account will be deleted. Google also promises to provide significant discounts to those affected by the decision.