Among the many new products and tools from the company are ad management capabilities for users and advanced advertising tools for merchants.

Google, which is holding its traditional developer conference I/O 2022 this week, has introduced many new products for users. Among them are several tools that are designed to make life easier for buyers and sellers on the platform.

Advertisers have received a new format for placing advertisements, now they can arrange their list of products in the form of a carousel of photos right on the search results pages. Buyers will thus be able to see information about the seller's assortment without leaving the search page. For shopping, the option of a virtual payment card will also be useful, which will allow user to make payments without having to enter a credit card number.

The new tool is also available to all users who would like to have more control over the advertisements they see on Google sites and in all applications of the company. The My Ad Center menu, which can be accessed through the settings in any ad, now has a number of ad management tools available.

The user can set up ads on which topics to show more often, and which ones to reduce, block ads, report the presence of inappropriate content in them, etc. In addition, user can get access to information about who paid for the advertisement and on what principles the user himself was chosen to display it.