Being a consistent supporter of the innovation strategy, Google introduced the world to a new round of development of its chatbot by transforming Bard into Gemini. This rebranding is not just a name change. In this case, it symbolizes a major step forward in the use of the company's advanced development – the Gemini Ultra language model. The renaming reflects Google's commitment to excellence and adaptation to user needs, ushering in a new era in the field of artificial intelligence.

Initially, Bard had difficulty retaining user interest due to its lack of performance compared to other popular chatbots. This prompted the need for rebranding and a significant improvement in functionality. The response to such challenges was the Gemini language model. It offered extensive capabilities for solving complex problems using artificial intelligence, and also gave a new name to the chatbot.

Gemini Ultra, the basis for the updated Bard, provides users with high-level natural language processing capabilities. This model promises to revolutionize interactions with artificial intelligence, offering improved abilities in coding, logical thinking, following complex instructions, and creative collaboration. It can be accessed through a $20 monthly Gemini Advanced subscription as part of the Google One AI Premium plan.

Sissie Hsiao, vice president of Google, emphasized the multi-model nature of Gemini Ultra. It expands the boundaries of AI interaction to include image discussion and improved context understanding. This opens up new perspectives for users looking for a deeper and richer interaction with technology.

Gemini Advanced can be used in more than 150 countries. For now it is only available in English. However, the developers announce ambitious plans to expand language support. Google also announced the launch of the Gemini app for Android and iOS platforms, offering users a new way to integrate AI into their daily lives. For those interested in accessing the Ultra model via the API, the company promises to provide more information soon.