Google's I/O keynote recently concluded, where the tech giant disclosed some important upgrades to its Pixel range and demonstrated the latest progress in AI technology.

A significant revamp is in the pipeline for Google Search in the form of AI snapshots. Opting in for a new feature dubbed Search Generative Experience (SGE) will enable AI-based answers at the top of your search results for certain queries, providing a broader context to your search. This feature will allow you to further refine the information provided by the snapshots with follow-up questions. AI snapshots are powered by Google's updated large language model (LLM), known as PaLM 2.

Google's AI-driven chatbot Bard is now accessible to everyone, waitlist or no waitlist. Google is also introducing a range of new features, including support for Japanese and Korean languages and a simplified way to export generated text to Google Docs and Gmail.

New dark mode and visual search features are also on the horizon, with Google intending to add even more features in the future. These include AI image generation using Adobe's AI image generator, Firefly, and collaborations with third-party services such as OpenTable and Instacart.

AI enhancements aren't solely for Google Search. Google also announced new AI-enabled features for Android. One such feature, Magic Compose, will be incorporated into Android's Messages app, allowing users to respond to texts with AI-generated suggestions.