After a wave of backlash from business customers, the company has changed its original announcement to stop free Google Workspace accounts.

The complete phasing out of Google Workspace, the free legacy version of the G Suite business suite, was announced in early 2022. Companies were asked to upgrade to one of the paid G Suite plans, otherwise the account was subject to termination in three months. However, due to the dissatisfaction of many users who were not satisfied with such an alternative, the company nevertheless decided to soften the conditions for switching to a new platform.

As a result, the existing user will be offered more options. Namely, in addition to switching to a paid option and deleting an account, users will also receive a third opportunity - information about this appeared on the Google support page. In the near future, the company promises customers the opportunity to transfer data to a free version of the service. However, it is emphasized that a number of features, such as managing multiple accounts or storing your own domain name in an email address, will not be available in this case.

The company promises to provide details about the transition to a free version in the coming months. Customers will be able to make a decision until July 1, 2022, while active accounts will not be suspended.