Instead, users are presented with enhanced opportunities for organizing collaboration and setting up communications within the company in the Spaces ecosystem.

The Currents app for G Suite, which is intended for discussions and chats within the organization, was introduced by Google in 2019 and replaced Google+. Now the company has announced the termination of Currents. The main reason is the further development of Spaces, a platform for organizing projects and intra-corporate communication based on Google Workspace.

In a post on the official blog, Google announced that it plans to completely phase out support for Currents as early as 2023. At the same time, users will be given the opportunity to transfer their content, including saved groups and communities, to the new Spaces interface. Detailed plans and guidance for moving from Currents to Spaces will be made available to users shortly.

The company promises that corporate users of Spaces will receive a number of advanced features in the coming months. This includes support for large communities, as well as content moderation capabilities in them, advanced search tools, increased security and data protection, and much more.