One of the main search engines in the world, Google Search, is currently not only processing search queries, but also helping to improve the level of literacy among users. The search engine can now analyze and correct spelling, suggesting the correct option if errors are found. This analysis is performed by AI, which continues to improve, so absolute accuracy is not yet guaranteed. Colette Garcia, communications manager for Google, confirmed that the feature was launched at the end of June, although it has only recently begun to be talked about.

To activate the tool, just add the phrase "grammar check" at the end of the search query. The search engine can also automatically start checking if it finds errors. As a result, Google will offer a corrected version of your request. You can accept the changes made or ignore them if you think that your choice is correct.

Grammar Check in Google Search

The quality of the AI proofreader can be improved by sending regular feedback. To achieve this, click on the "Feedback" button, located at the bottom right of the verification block, and select one of the proposed options: "helpful", "isn't relevant", "incorrect" or "offensive". In the text field below, you can leave a comment or your suggestion, then click "Send".

The purpose of introducing a new feature in Google Search is not only to help in the preparation of competent queries, but also to extend the knowledge of the user's language by expanding the vocabulary and familiarizing yourself with new grammar rules and exceptions to them. This is especially useful for foreign language learners or those who want to write without errors. Currently, the AI editor is only available in English, but the developers plan to add support for other languages.