Google Maps is launching a generative AI tool aimed at enhancing how users find new destinations. Leveraging large language models (LLMs), this innovative feature sifts through Google Maps' extensive database of over 250 million locations and insights from more than 300 million Local Guides. It provides tailored suggestions that match users' specific interests, offering a more interactive and conversational search experience.

This feature is designed to deliver precise recommendations for a wide range of inquiries, including highly specialized questions. Initially, it will be introduced in the U.S. to a select group of Local Guides—Google Maps' active contributors who share reviews and photos to assist others. A broader rollout to additional users is planned soon, although details on when it will reach other countries remain unconfirmed.

Following an update in October that enhanced Maps with AI-driven capabilities for more intuitive search results, this generative AI integration represents a further evolution of Google Maps. It's transitioning from a mere navigation tool to a comprehensive resource for discovering new places, underlining Google's ambition to redefine how we explore our surroundings.