Online store owners will be able to provide their visitors with advanced options for more efficient search on the site.

Google announces that the e-commerce market is getting a new effective tool for ensuring search activity on sites. With the Retail Search tool, which was introduced as part of the Google Cloud platform, store owners will be able to implement Google's search capabilities directly on their site and provide visitors with the highest search quality. The product is based on artificial intelligence technologies and allows you to fine-tune the content on the site, including adding tags, filtering pages by availability, expanding the variety of products presented in the search results.

On a site that uses Retail Search technologies, the user will be able to receive more relevant answers to their queries. It is expected that Google's developments will make it possible for the system to take into account the context of a site visitor's request and predict their intentions, instead of being limited to simply selecting results with an exact keyword request. In addition to simply displaying search results, Retail Search also makes available to users an expanded set of recommendations that will be provided in response to even the most vague queries.

This approach, according to Google, will help improve the experience of interaction between potential buyers and the seller and, in turn, significantly stimulate the growth of store sales.