The solution for Google Cloud is designed to identify a variety of threats, both external and internal, related to the operation of the API.

The use of API technologies is becoming increasingly popular among business system developers. With its help, companies transfer a wide variety of information between services, which means that the issue of the security of such data is becoming more and more acute. According to surveys, the use of APIs by developers for data transfer in 2021 increased by almost 62% compared to the previous period.

Responding to the emerging need, Google introduced its first version of the Advanced API Security product. Its main purpose will be to detect any security threats to the API. The product is based on the Apigee platform, which was acquired by Google in 2016, and is being developed for Google Cloud. Developers can access Advanced API Security upon request.

It is reported that work to ensure security is carried out in two main directions. This is primarily an API evaluation, which is done to detect any configuration issues. If such problems are identified, the developer is immediately notified of their existence. In addition, API traffic is checked and, based on a system of configured rules, malicious bots are detected.