Google cloud services began to look somehow strange? Don't worry, nothing bad happened to them. They just got a UI update.

Google has begun rolling out an improved user interface for a number of its products. The update received Google Drive, Sheets, Docs, Slides. To work on the new UI, the specialists used their own design system, Material Design 3. As a result, the functionality of all services was left the same, but the appearance was somewhat simplified and put in order. The purpose of changes was not only to improve usability, but also to optimize the interaction of cloud products.

The company announced the upcoming changes in the design of the user interface of office services included in Google Drive last month. They touched upon the appearance of the storage itself (it began to visually resemble the updated Gmail), as well as some elements of office services. For example, dark tones have been added to comments and the toolbar to make them more visible on a white background of a document opened in Sheets or Docs. The “Share” button has been softly rounded.

Google cloud services have changed not only visually. As a bonus to the interface changes, they received a new Smart Chips feature, which was officially announced in 2021. With its help, the user will be able to independently integrate the desired third-party service directly into the working document, for example, in Docs.

Google explained that the new interface will not appear for everyone at the same time. The rollout process will be gradual and will take approximately 15 days for those on the Rapid Release plan. Everyone else will have to wait a little longer. Until March 25, the updated interface will be available to subscribers of the Workspace package, owners of simple free accounts, as well as those who still work with the old G Suite (Basic and Business versions).