More insights and usefull information about published video ads, as well as a number of workflow automation tools, offer an update to Google Ad Manager.

Video advertising management for advertisers on the Google platform will become much easier in the near future, as the company introduced several tools for collecting data and automating processes in this area.

Among the new tools is Programmatic Video Health. With this option, the user will have access to various kinds of information about the video ads he has published. The information will be displayed in a convenient form immediately after the user logs into the account and provide a number of insights about the effectiveness of advertising. This includes information about the visibility of placed ads, information about the audience, as well as estimated data on the potential profit from each unit of the user's video inventory.

Users can now pay special attention to errors that occur during the display of ads thanks to the new Video Ad Serving Template errors insights card tool. With its help, you can visually see the data collected in the form of a graph about the errors that occur and eliminate them in time.