Business users will receive tools to communicate with customers on a social network without having to go to a separate application.

During F8 Refresh, Facebook's annual developer conference, a significant for the company step towards providing business tools was announced. In particular, companies will be able to take full advantage of the Messenger API to communicate with customers on Instagram.

Developers can integrate the Messenger API into any third-party application that the company uses in its business processes to organize all communications with customers, including CRM or social media management platforms. Now the manager will not have to go to Instagram or use a shared Facebook for business mailbox to communicate with customers. After all, it was not always convenient if it was necessary to organize communication with a large number of customers while linking data about them with the information already accumulated in the customers database.

The new feature will be open to developers as well as business users in several sequential stages. At the first stage, Instagram accounts with a large number of subscribers – from 10 thousand to 100 thousand, will have access to it, accounts with subscribers from a thousand will have to wait until July, and the rest will have access to the API by the fall of 2021.

By opening the Instagram Messenger API, Facebook has taken a significant step towards engaging with businesses and major brands. The social network is attracting business to its platform, providing all new convenient tools and plans to take part in a section of the fast-growing e-commerce market.