In response to criticism of news feed algorithms, Meta is adding new management tools to the social network Facebook.

The lack of effective Facebook feed management tools has long been the subject of user criticism. Now Meta has announced that it will provide users with additional options for managing the feed.

New tools will allow you to independently influence which posts from which pages and groups and on which topics to see more or less. Thus, the user will be able to highlight groups of pages, for example, posts from friends and family, that they would like to see more often, and also mark which pages or groups they would like to see less often. Management will be available both for groups and individual pages, and for individual topics.

In addition to easier management of the message feed, users will also get the opportunity to simplify the use of existing functions, such as unsubscribe or control favorites. And advertisers will be able to exclude their ads from objectionable topics, such as crime reports or political news. The new tools are still available to a limited number of users, but the platform promises to expand the availability of functionality in the coming weeks.