Facebook announced the launch of an enhanced video player designed to improve the user experience with all types of video content, from short Reels videos to long-form content and live broadcasts. Users from the USA and Canada will be the first to appreciate its benefits. The purpose of the update is to simplify the processes of viewing and sharing videos. Key innovations include a focus on vertical viewing format and recommendations that adapt to user preferences, regardless of video characteristics. By the way, recommendations will be integrated not only into the player but also into the news feed and a special video section on Facebook. Additionally, the platform intends to increase the volume of short Reels videos it displays in response to their growing popularity.

The video player update will bring significant benefits to content creators and advertisers. The introduced innovations will contribute to an increase in the time spent by users on Facebook, as well as an increase in advertising activity indicators (views, clicks). Moreover, they represent a step towards strengthening the competitive position of the social network against video platforms such as YouTube and TikTok.

In addition to verticalization, the video player will gain advanced playback control capabilities: full-screen mode for horizontal viewing and a convenient slider for rewinding long videos. Users will get additional features to better control playback, including the ability to fast forward or rewind 10 seconds.

This modernization of the video player is intended to revive interest in Facebook among young people, whose interest in this social network has faded over the past decade. According to recent research, young people are once again paying attention to the platform, especially its Marketplace and video formats. Furthermore, the launch of an improved video player occurs against the backdrop of discussions by US authorities about a possible ban on TikTok. This may encourage users to look for alternative platforms to view video content. In this case, Facebook will be a completely worthy replacement.