The new Optimize Text Per Person tool, which allows you to change the characteristics of the displayed advertising content for each user, is already available to a number of advertisers and will appear in general availability in the coming weeks.

The social network is preparing to roll out a new option for advertisers. The tool available in the ad settings is called Optimize Text Per Person. By enabling this option, the advertiser activates the automatic adjustment of the ad display for each viewer.

To ensure the most effective audience response to ads, the new tool will be able to adjust the basic details of the ad. Among other things, it will be able to automatically choose whether to highlight the title, primary text, or the descriptive text itself in the ad. In this case, the tool will not change or rearrange pieces of text, but only highlight them in a special way for each viewer individually.

However, it is possible to allow the system to move text between fields, for example, to change the position of the heading and the first paragraph of the text, if such an arrangement of the content would be regarded as more efficient. That is, if the information in the preliminary text is regarded as attracting more attention of a particular user and, accordingly, causing their active reaction, it will be highlighted.

Exactly how the system will determine the most effective way to display ads is not disclosed. The algorithms for choosing one or another option are based on past user behavior and on a huge database of ad viewers' activity accumulated by Facebook.

The new tool is currently only available to selected advertisers and is scheduled to be rolled out to all users in the coming weeks.