After October 1, merchants will not be able to host scheduled or new Live Shopping events.

Social network Facebook has announced that as of October 1st it will no longer support a number of previously available options for Live Shopping events. This service lasted two years and provided sellers with the opportunity to attract buyers and actively interact with them in a “live” format.

It's not about the closure of Facebook Live, it will be available for online events for companies and brands, but only about the suspension of support for a number of specific functions. Merchants will still be able to host live events, but the ability to use special features like tagging products in videos or creating product playlists will be discontinued. After the named date, the opportunity to hold events, including previously planned ones, in the Live Shopping format will be stopped.

Instead, the company will focus on developing its Reels short video service, with the intention of attracting as many sellers and advertisers as possible. The format of longer video events was not as popular among buyers as it was planned.