Now owners of Android and iOS devices, as well as mobile Internet and Facebook Lite users, will receive a more convenient version of the settings page.

Facebook is updating the design of its settings page to optimize it for mobile devices. The new page view is available to users starting from August 4th. Now users of applications for both Android and iOS, as well as the web version of the platform and Facebook Lite, will receive a visually lighter version of the settings with retaining all the main options.

The design of the page remains recognizable, but it immediately catches the eye that the page has become visually less cluttered. Some items have lost their descriptions, which allows more information to fit even on compact mobile screens.

The platform also reorganized the settings themselves, the number of their categories was reduced - only six were left, and the categories were also renamed. And some of the items that were previously separate have now become part of the group. For example, the Newsfeed setting has been moved to the Preferences category, and the privacy settings have become more visible. This is intended to simplify navigation for mobile users.