The most popular news feed posts include a message from US President Joe Biden, a video from 5-Minute Crafts, and a cooking post about spaghetti.

For the first time in its existence, Facebook presented a report on the most viewed posts among users. It displays the preferences of American users, but the data can be used to judge the interests of the members of the social network.

The company's first report reveals which 20 most popular domains, links, pages and posts gained popularity among American Facebook users in the second quarter of 2021. The most viewed domains were YouTube, UNICEF, Spotify and CBS News, while entertainment content like gifs with kittens dominated among the most viewed pages.

According to the report, the most viewed post is a letter combination in which users are asked to select the first three words they see. In the second most popular post, users over 30 are asked to post a photo if they look young. Also on the first lines of the rating was a post from US President Joe Biden, a video about building a pool from the 5-Minute Crafts channel, as well as various entertainment questions, such as whether to put sugar in spaghetti, what goes with peanut butter, or what food you will eat even when you are hungry.

The report was a response to criticism of the social network, which is accused of disseminating false information of a political nature. In particular, the company is accused of inflating the popularity of far-right political views. By showing that users are more interested in entertainment content, Facebook intends to demonstrate transparency in its policies and improve its public image. In the future, it is planned to make such reports regular and more complete.