In August, online stores will be able to offer customers such an additional payment option on their resources, without the need to be limited only to the Facebook platform.

The integration of Facebook Pay, a payment system from Facebook, and Shopify, a platform for building online stores, is reaching a new level. As early as August, the Facebook Pay payment option will be available for all Shopify sites. At the first stage, such an opportunity will be available only to users in the United States; in the future, the company plans to add new regions.

Previously, you could only use Facebook Pay inside Facebook's own sites and apps, for example, to make purchases or transfer money. Now, as part of the cooperation of the two platforms, payments through this payment system are also available outside of Facebook. Online retailers will be able to add this option to their own sites in addition to other payment options.

This will give online merchants a significant advantage in offering customers a convenient payment option that does not require re-entering their billing information. This will attract additional buyers and make the payment process faster and more efficient.