Starting June 22, podcast creators and their listeners will receive many new options, including a tool for creating short clips from their favorite shows. Reports about the imminent launch of a number of podcast-related features emerged from Facebook back in April.

Now the social network is launching new options for users, the fact that new tools will be presented on June 22 became known from a letter from the company sent to a number of podcast owners.

In particular, podcast creators will be able to link their show's RSS feed to Facebook, which will allow the social network to automatically create posts for all new episodes of the podcast, that will then appear in the news feed. For podcasts, a separate tab will be allocated, which at the first stage will be available to a limited number of accounts, but then its use will be expanded. New options will make it as easy as possible for a content creator to work with Facebook connections and automate all routine tasks.

Listeners will have more opportunities to listen to their favorite podcasts, as well as to share them. Thus, users will be able to create short clips of up to 1 minute from their favorite episodes and share them. As conceived by the social network, such an option will help promote podcasts and reach an ever wider audience.

By enabling the convenient use of podcasts directly on the Facebook platform, content creators will be able to connect with listeners and promote their podcasts. For the company itself, this is a promising development path that will allow it to attract new audiences and increase revenues through advertising in podcasts.