Content creators will be able to get advanced opportunities for data analytics and monetization of their page on the social network.

Meta presents a new option for Facebook users. Now, regular pages will be able to include a dedicated professional mode, thus gaining enhanced opportunities for monetizing their content, previously only available for Facebook Pages business pages.

In particular, by turning on the professional mode, the user will be able to take part in the Reels Play bonus program, which provides monetization of views of short videos posted on the platform. Also, such accounts will have access to advanced analytics of data on visits and audience of the page and individual posts, including insights from the platform to improve performance.

At the moment, the option to enable Professional Mode is only available to a limited number of US users. In the future, the company plans to expand the availability of this option to all users. Meta has already introduced a number of new tools for content creators, such as the ability to receive tips and customize subscriptions. The introduction of additional functions for them thus demonstrates the platform's interest in expanding the capabilities of such pages as an important source of income for the company.