The social network will not only highlight audio capabilities in a single center and launch a short video service, but also expand Live Audio Rooms globally.

The Facebook platform is announcing a number of steps forward in expanding the audio experience for its users. In particular, users in the United States will have access to a separate audio center in the mobile application. They will be able to work with podcasts, the Live Audio Rooms voice chat service, which is positioned as a competitor to Clubhouse, as well as tools for creating short audio clips.

The audio sub-section, which can be found in the video content section of the app for now, will provide access to audio content from the pages the user has subscribed to, as well as a set of personalized recommendations and popular audio on the platform. While the access to the audio section is available to users of the mobile application for Android and iOS from the United States, the geography of the new service will be expanded in the near future.

Users around the world will also notice the change, Facebook is making the Live Audio Rooms service globally available. There will also be launched a new product for the platform called Soundbites, previously actively tested, which will allow creating and posting short audio messages.