One of the most anticipated features - the ability to introduce paid content subscriptions - is already being tested on the messaging and data transfering platform.

Discord is reporting that content creators will receive a previously unavailable option to monetize their efforts. Paid content subscriptions will now be a means for creators to receive rewards for submissions. Members  of community on a particular topic will be able to subscribe to premium content, which will allow the servers themselves to use the funds received for further development.

Servers can make their content completely paid, or they can provide on a paid basis only part of the content, laying out the rest for free. Thus, servers can select premium content and, with its help, monetize the work of the entire community.

The new tool is in the testing phase and a small number of individual communities have already gained access to it. In the near future, the platform plans to collect community feedback on the use of the new tool and make the necessary changes to its operation, after which all users of the platform will be able to use it.