Brands are looking to hire influencers and content creators, as well as other professionals associated with the industry, to increase customer engagement.

According to a report from professional search platform LinkedIn, the number of vacancies for the search for creative workers has tripled compared to the previous period. In this way, brands demonstrate their willingness to invest in developing closer relationships with potential buyers and finding new ways to do this. In particular, the interests of companies are directed to platforms popular with the youth audience, such as TikTok, YouTube or Instagram.

It is reported that we are talking not only about content creators, but also about various related positions designed to support this area, such as administrators and training staff. Thus, an extensive ecosystem of jobs associated with creative methods of promotion is being created.

Based on the analysis of all posts containing jobs with creative positions, LinkedIn experts identified the most popular industries. They turned out to be the sphere of technology and information, advertising services, personnel, online learning and IT. Thus, it turned out that the creative approach is needed to promote companies in almost all industries, and not just in the field of fashion or cosmetics. Creating high-quality content for social media has become one of the main ways of promotion for brands in various fields, and it can be assumed that in the coming years this direction will only develop.