GitHub announced the successful completion of beta testing of the business version of Copilot, the smart coding assistant, and the opening of the public access to this tool. You can subscribe to it yourself. Monthly rate – $19.

Copilot is a product of GitHub and the OpenAI Research Lab, created in 2021. It is an AI tool which is a plug-in for the code editor. After analyzing the context of the code a person is working on, the Copilot gives a choice of several options for the final part. The volume of such a "tail" can be different: both 2–3 lines, and a function or a whole complex algorithm. Over time, this assistant adapts very well to the developer, subtly feeling features and programming style.

GitHub CEO Thomas Dohmke said that development teams across businesses and organizations can now use the business version of Copilot by subscribing to it. Today, this tool already simplifies and speeds up the work of more than 400 companies, and its demand continues to grow.

The corporate version of Copilot is based on an improved model from OpenAI. It has been updated with new features. Among the most interesting are:

  • "fill in the middle" (an AI assistant can not only end a line of code, but also insert some values, commands, variables, or other parts in any other place – for example, where the cursor is);
  • the ability to recognize general vulnerabilities in the code (after detection, the programmer automatically receives an offer to replace the flaw with a safer option);
  • license and enterprise policy management;
  • additional privacy options;
  • providing a proxy connection, including with self-signed certificates.

Thomas Dohmke believes that Copilot will soon reach the level of self-generated 80% of the code. Judging by the fact that today it is already writing 61% of the code in Java and about 46% in other languages, the forecast of the CEO of GitHub is quite realistic.