In less than a year, ChatGPT has become the fastest-growing application in human history. According to statistics, more than 80% of the largest Fortune 500 companies actively use its capabilities. The recently released corporate version of Enterprise has opened a new chapter in the evolution of this product. It is expected to attract even more business partners from various fields, helping to increase the profits of its creator, OpenAI. Like the upgraded ChatGPT Plus, the new version is based on the powerful GPT-4 multimodal language model. However, the advantage of Enterprise is that its users have priority access to GPT-4, thus getting double the performance.

ChatGPT Enterprise offers all the features of the standard edition plus a number of enhancements. It can become an indispensable assistant in the creation of marketing texts, essays, and even in finalizing the program code. Among the key features of the novelty are the functions of business data analysis, in-depth customization, and improved data protection mechanisms. Its users also get unlimited access to the Advanced Data Analysis tool, formerly the Code Interpreter. It allows you to do analytics, create diagrams, successfully solve tasks in mathematics, and more. Another significant detail is the increase in the maximum length of requests, thanks to which you can get more detailed and contextually oriented responses from the bot.

The main tool for corporate clients is the administrative console, which provides convenient management of employee interaction with the chatbot and sets up business processes. In addition, thanks to API support, companies can integrate their own AI solutions. OpenAI's representatives emphasized that security and privacy are priorities. Therefore, all data transmitted through ChatGPT Enterprise is securely encrypted and is not used for subsequent training of the chatbot.

The cost of Enterprise is not specified. OpenAI Executive Director Brad Lightcap confirmed the readiness for an individual approach to each potential client to offer the most favorable conditions.