In the first year following its introduction, the ChatGPT application has seen remarkable success, achieving over 110 million downloads and generating close to $30 million in revenue. This milestone marks a significant achievement for ChatGPT, which has rapidly evolved from a research project into a widely used tool, bringing advanced AI chatbot technology to a broad audience. The mobile application, particularly instrumental in this success, was first introduced for iOS users in May 2023, expanding the reach of ChatGPT. It was later made available to Android users in July 2023.

The primary revenue source for the ChatGPT mobile apps is the ChatGPT Plus subscription, sold through in-app purchases. Priced at $19.99 per month, this subscription offers several advantages, such as uninterrupted access during busy periods, quicker response times, and early access to new updates and features. This subscription model was extended to international users in February 2023, preceding the mobile app launches.

Despite its relatively high price compared to other subscription services like music and streaming platforms, the ChatGPT Plus subscription has seen growing demand. ChatGPT mobile applications have collectively generated about $28.6 million globally from consumer spending.