Companies through the interface using a low level of coding will be able to customize the complex behavior of chatbots to a wide extent and increase the effectiveness of communication.

SaaS platform Zendesk has introduced a number of updates to its services, including a significant improvement in the capabilities now provided to business customers in the field of chatbot management. The updates will bring a new level of workflow in the field of customizing the work of the help desk.

A new settings interface is now available to users, which involves the use of a minimum amount of code, without the need for deep programming skills. This slight complication of management, which will not require significant effort from the user, will increase the efficiency of the chat bots of the Zendesk Answer Bot service. It is assumed that the latest version of the service will be able to solve quite complex communication tasks on its own, and not just give standard answers or redirect the client to an operator.

The upgrade was made possible by integrating the chatbot service with the Flow Builder tool, which is a process automation service with a simple drag-and-drop interface for customization and low code usage.