As it became known from the official message, Facebook for Business has a new tool that will be useful for small businesses - Campaign Ideas Generator.

As the name immediately implies, the Campaign Ideas Generator makes it easier for users to create advertising campaigns. First, you need to indicate the type of business, after that the system will generate a number of ideas that will take into account the specifics of this business area. If necessary, you can also specify the upcoming holidays, which will also be taken into account when generating.

The generator includes a variety of features to generate compelling, ready-to-use ideas that will be especially useful for newbie marketers. So, the tool "Ready to Go Ads" will automatically generate ready-made ads with texts and advertisements; and "Organic Post" will help with publishing posts and maintaining the company's business page. It can also be expected that the likelihood of blocking for ads generated in this way is reduced.

The new feature is already available to all Facebook for Business users. At the same time, the developers say that the Generator will constantly develop and receive regular announcements that will take into account more and more types of business and holidays.