Bluesky, a decentralized social network and competitor to Twitter, has recently updated. Now, users can view posts on Bluesky without needing to log in. While creating an account and posting still requires an invitation, reading posts via a direct link is now possible. This change enhances the platform's flexibility, allowing for the integration of Bluesky posts in blogs and the ability to share them in personal and group messaging.

For those concerned about privacy, Bluesky offers an option within its settings (Settings > Moderation > Logged-out visibility) to restrict post visibility to only logged-in users. However, this restriction is primarily for Bluesky’s own website and app, as third-party clients might not honor this setting. Users seeking complete privacy are advised to set their profiles to private.

The company's CEO, Jay Graber, also introduced a new butterfly logo, moving away from the previous blue sky and clouds design. Bluesky has seen significant growth this year, with the launch of its iOS and Android apps and reaching a milestone of 2 million users. Following criticism over content moderation, Bluesky has also implemented various new moderation tools.