Google has introduced an update for its AI chatbot Bard – integrating it with YouTube, one of the most popular platforms for video hosting. According to information on the official service page, the new feature allows Bard to analyze videos and answer user questions related to content. The operation of the new feature is based on the use of large language models (LLMs), which process data obtained both from YouTube and the internet in general. Particularly noteworthy is the ability to ask the chatbot questions directly during video viewing. This allows for dialogue with artificial intelligence and getting answers in real time without being distracted from watching the content.

The innovation is linked to Google's decision to provide access to Bard to teenagers from different countries around the world. As mentioned in the company's official blog, the chatbot can be a valuable tool for youth, helping them find sources of inspiration, motivation, and in-depth knowledge on various topics. Bard promises to be particularly useful in an educational context, from completing homework assignments to preparing for university admission or searching for a first job.

The update is available in the browser version of the chatbot and significantly expands Bard's functionality. However, it should be noted that currently this feature is only available to participants in Google's Labs test program and is experiencing temporary interruptions in service.