The company is working to create the Apple Pay Later service, which will allow customers to purchase goods from online and brick-and-mortar stores now, and pay for them later and in separate amounts.

Apple is reportedly working on a new service that will significantly enhance the experience for buyers who use Apple Pay. The tool, tentatively named Apple Pay Later, will make it possible to pay for any purchases using Apple Pay in installments. Customers will be able not to make payments immediately after purchase, but within a certain time frame.

When making a purchase, you will be able to choose the option to pay in installments, most likely it will be four payments that can be paid without interest, or a larger number of payments over several months, which will require payment of interest. Any credit card can be used for payments, and they will be accepted in most brick-and-mortar and online stores.

To implement such a project, Apple entered into cooperation with the financial and investment company Goldman Sachs Group. To launch the new instrument, the financial structure will act as a lender for loans that will be provided to consumers in the implementation of installment payments.

This expansion of financial services for consumers is intended to increase the number of customers using Apple Pay for payments. It is also expected that as the number of transactions increases, Apple's revenue from this area will increase significantly.