The Worldwide Developers Conference is an IT event annually organized and administered by Apple Inc. In fact, this is a large-scale information platform for the presentation of new Apple products, as well as updates to the software and hardware used in them. San Francisco hosted the 34th WWDC in June, featuring new versions of the iOS and macOS operating systems, an improved MacBook Air model, the high-performance M2 Ultra processor, and more. The real sensation was made by the Apple Vision Pro headset with mixed reality (VR + AR). Its release has been awaited since 2017.

Apple Vision Pro

The new Apple Vision Pro mixed reality (MR) headset looks like a stylish ski goggle. According to company representatives, it can be used not only for entertainment purposes, but also in business. The device has support for streaming computer games and videos, as well as the ability to remotely hold meetings with work colleagues or business partners. You can control this miracle of technology with finger gestures and eye movements. Separately, it is worth noting the uniqueness of creating a custom 3D avatar. Having scanned a person's face, the operating system of the VisionOS gadget generates a deepfake based on this material. The finished avatar is very similar to a personalized customized memoji, only it looks much more realistic.

Although that it will be possible to buy an MR headset only in 2024, its cost is already known – $3499. Due to such a high price, Vision Pro is likely to become one of the most expensive Apple devices.

iOS 17

According to Apple's announcement, iOS 17 will be getting a number of updates this year. Among the main ones are the following:

  • The ability to customize the design of contact cards (posters) that appear when you call, to your liking.
  • NameDrop function. The developers supplemented the AirDrop file sharing service with it. Now, to exchange any information, you will only need to bring one iPhone closer to another or bring the iPhone to the Apple Watch. This will make the data transfer process much easier and faster.
  • The "Journal" application will automatically notify you of the need to make an entry about a particular moment in your personal diary. It will also periodically prompt the user to set a reminder about this, so as not to forget to keep it regularly.
  • Modernization of autocorrect technology. The developers have improved its accuracy, so it will more meticulously correct errors and skip them less, and also suggest the correct spelling of words at the stage of their input.
  • Simplify interaction with the Siri assistant. Calling the voice assistant "Hey, Siri" is shortened to "Siri". By activating it once, the user will now be able to issue multiple commands one after the other without "calling" it again after each one.

iPadOS 17

The iPadOS update was aimed at improving usability. Thanks to the interactivity of widgets, users will be able to work with applications without leaving the main page. In fact, the developers have saved them from having to re-enter them every time. In addition, the new version of the operating system for iPad received advanced lock screen settings and additional functionality that simplifies working with PDF files.

WatchOS 10

The Apple Watch has been the best-selling smartwatch in the world for years. Presented at WWDC, the new version of their watchOS 10 operating system received a number of useful features and interesting features. Here are some of the more notable examples:

  • By turning the crown, the user will see the most up-to-date notifications and widgets. Advanced ML technology can determine the degree of importance of each of them, considering parameters such as location, date, time, and other nuances.
  • New design of the main applications and replenishment of the collection of watch faces.
  • The gadget can be connected to bicycle accessories (for example, to sensors that record the frequency and speed of pedaling) via Bluetooth. This feature makes it almost a full-fledged bike computer.
  • An advanced application for developing self-awareness, Mindfulness. By examining a variety of abstractions, the users can note which of them visually corresponds to their state of health at the moment, and thus find out how high the risk of an anxiety disorder or depression is.

The cost of "apple" smartwatches with watchOS 10 is $3499.

macOS Sonoma

The developers named the new version of macOS Sonoma. A lot of the features it has are present in iOS and iPadOS 17. However, there are also a few made specifically for the Mac. For example, the ability to remove widgets from the Notification Center and transfer them to the desktop to improve the convenience of interacting with them. In addition, Sonoma has received a new "for gamers" mode that improves performance. Priority is given to the central and graphic processors.

Affected updates and the Safari browser. It has a web application feature. It gives the user the ability to construct a test version of any web resource and place it in a docking station in the "app" format.

MacBook Air

The new MacBook Air unveiled at the Developers Conference is almost a copy of its "little brother", which was released in 2022. "Almost" – because they differ only in size. The display of the novelty is 15.3 inches. The diagonal of the previous model is only 13 inches. The new Air is not only bigger, it's also a bit bulkier, at 11.5 mm thick and 3.3 pounds. But even with these parameters, it will be the thinnest laptop in the world among 15-inch models.

The 2023 MacBook Air is priced at $1299. Those who wish to purchase it can place a pre-order. It will go on sale this month.

Mac Studio и Mac Pro

The flagship SoC M2 Ultra is a new system with a 24-core CPU (16 high-performance + 8 energy efficient), 32-core neural processor and double the performance. This is the fastest and most powerful SoC among those that Apple has today. It is capable of supporting up to 192 GB of unified RAM with a bandwidth of 800 GB/s.

Two professional-class Apple desktops are equipped with a super-powerful novelty: Mac Studio and Mac Pro. The first costs $1999, while the price of the second starts at $6999. Those who wish to purchase them can place an order right now.

Game Death Stranding

The open-world action video game Death Stranding, developed by Kojima Productions, is hardly new, having been released in November 2019. Gamers note the fascination of the plot, the beauty of the musical accompaniment and the high quality of the graphics. By the way, the game managed to win 4 awards for this - and quite deservedly so. It is now available for Mac users as well.

Adaptive Audio for AirPods

The popular AirPods wireless headphones have received new Adaptive Audio functionality. It involves flexibly adjustable suppression of various noises, considering the sound environment where the user of the gadget is at the moment. Smart headphones automatically turn down the music volume when they "hear" you're talking to someone, and adjust it to keep you from being disturbed by uncomfortable outside sounds.