At the annual Summit conference, which recently took place in Las Vegas, Adobe presented its new GenStudio platform, created for marketers. GenStudio is a comprehensive hub that provides intuitive access to content development, campaign management, and analytics tools needed for omnichannel marketing. The platform includes helpful copywriting materials, approved resources, and AI-powered tools to create background images that maintain a consistent brand style. GenStudio facilitates the processes of searching and generating new content, adapting it to various formats, and optimizing interaction with the target audience, taking into account real-time analytics of its effectiveness. Using this platform, you can quickly develop advertising materials for email and social networks, including Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Moreover, you can analyze the performance of individual advertising elements and campaigns.

Adobe GenStudio is currently undergoing alpha testing. Public access to it is expected before the end of 2024. The cost of using the platform will depend on the specific client company.

In addition to the platform for marketers, Adobe introduced the Experience chatbot designed for business users and an updated version of the Firefly AI model. The Experience chatbot can handle technical queries regarding Experience Cloud products, automate routine processes, and collect data to improve marketing strategies. Firefly offers over 20 tools and APIs to automate creative tasks. Furthermore, it allows you to upload images that influence the layout of the content and create your own versions of the AI model.