Social networks have become perhaps the most powerful tool in business promotion. We offer an overview of the most popular social platforms among entrepreneurs around the world.

1. Some statistics
2. Facebook
3. Facebook Messenger
4. Instagram
5. LinkedIn
6. Pinterest
7. Reddit
8. Snapchat
9. TikTok
10. Twitter
11. WeChat
12. WhatsApp
13. YouTube
14. Social media saves business


It is difficult to imagine the life of a modern person without social media. For billions, they have become a means of communication, a means of entertainment and a news channel. For businesses, social networks have become an effective tool to achieve their goals. Advertising, brand promotion, sales, even payment for goods and services - all this can be implemented on such Internet platforms. It is very important to know the features of each of them in order to choose a social network for a specific task. We offer a brief overview of a dozen social networks for business.

Some statistics

Let's start with indicative numbers - according to DataReportal research, in April 2022, 4.65 billion people used social networks. This is 58.7% of the population of the planet Earth. During the year, the number of social network users grew by 326 million users: by 100 people every second.

Statistics show that people spend approximately 15% of their time on social media. In general, civilization devotes more than 10 billion hours to social platforms every day.

This multi-billion audience is sure to include both existing customers of your business and a huge number of potential consumers of your goods and services. The main thing is to determine exactly where to direct your efforts to maintain existing and attract new customers.

Audience data (number of active users) taken from here .

Social media – is a huge number of potential consumers of your goods


Audience: 2.9 billion

The audience of the social network is not just colossal - it covers a wide variety of social groups. Another feature of Facebook is that in recent years, adults and older users are its fastest growing segment. According to Search Engine Journal, decision makers spend 74% more time on Facebook than other categories.

The ad formats, targeting, and analytics options available on Facebook fit perfectly into almost any marketing strategy.

Facebook Messenger

Audience: 1 billion

Facebook Messenger is a platform that can create a brand literally from nothing, from scratch. And get instant customer support. Such a bold statement is based on the fact that millions of users constantly use this application for everyday communication. This audience responds well to chat marketing. In literally any business, a messenger can be used to send out newsletters, use chat bots, and place ads.


Audience: 1.452 billion

In April 2022, Instagram ranked 4th in the ranking of the most vibrant social networks in the world. Special features of the platform: it is based on visual content and three-quarters of the IG audience is 18-24 years old.

Beauty and consumer goods, the world of fashion and wellness is firmly established in IG.

The social network has become a popular tool for presenting a brand/company in Reels videos, communicating with customers in stories. Businesses can also make IG stories and add music to stories to connect with their audience in a more dynamic and visual manner. The seller can tag products in photos and videos to make it easier for customers to find them.

Entrepreneurs have the ability to open stores for customers from their profiles, allow bookings from their accounts.

Connecting with influencers and promoting your brand through them is another important IG tool.


Audience: 828.1 million

One of the oldest social networks. It exists since 2003. The age range of users is 25-45 years, whereas even about 60% of all LinkedIn users are aged 25–34. Just the age when people have decided on the main business of their lives, are building a career, have already achieved something. 

The key characteristic of LinkedIn is that a social network is focused on business activity. The simplest and most massive task solved in it is employment and staff selection. On LinkedIn people exchange messages, create or join groups, and post business pages. This is a platform for communication with a focus on employment, business development, making money. There is an expression about this network: “LinkedIn loves B2B content.” Also, unlike Instagram or TikTok, LinkedIn has become a haven for “text people”. That is, those who prefer to read rather than scroll through pictures in the feed.


Audience: 431 million

A social network completely “sharpened” for visual content. Just a great choice for B2C. Therefore, if your business is interiors, decor, landscape design, fashion, cooking, a healthy lifestyle, then you are on Pinterest. Keep in mind that 78% of the users here are women.

What else is interesting about Pinterest for an entrepreneur is that it helps to increase traffic to the site by posting unique content on the platform.


Audience: 430 million

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A social network that combines the features of a forum and a portal. Represents a whole universe of communities of interest. Therefore, almost any business can use Reddit. After all, all age categories meet here for communication of interests. The social network is well suited for crowd marketing strategies. A brand must first connect with the right audience. And then work to captivate it with the product or service.

But keep in mind that the lion's share of Reddit traffic comes from English-speaking countries - the USA, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, India.

Social networks have become perhaps the most powerful tool in business promotion


Audience: 589 million

An application in which communication takes place through messages, photos and videos that disappear very quickly after being shown. The main user is young people aged 15-25. Most of all Snapchat fans are in India and the USA.

If the key audience for your business is young people, then you should definitely pay attention to Snapchat.


Audience: 1 billion

TikTok is a social network that is exploding in front of our eyes. The main element of TikTok is a short video. An impressive figure is that around 40% of Gen Zers say that the items they see on TikTok matter to them. Almost 100% of social network users say that they made a purchase or ordered a service under the influence of a video they saw on the network. Brands should certainly take this factor into account. Brands should certainly consider this factor, pay attention to the type of content they present and consider investing in the best VPN to ensure their content is not blocked or removed.


Audience: 465 million

A social network based on microblogging and the shortest possible messages. The majority of users are male (71.2% male versus 28.8% female as of April 2022). An important feature of Twitter is that it is in demand among public figures and politicians.

Twitter pays off when building marketing campaigns that target small, well-targeted audiences. It is they who react very positively to advertising of products and services close to them.


Audience: 1.268 billion

WeChat started out as a messaging app but has evolved into a full-fledged social network. An interesting fact - WeChat was created from the very beginning as a mobile application. The social network has successfully passed the stage of the program for installation on a PC. In addition, the application uses almost all the contents of the smartphone. Camera, GPS, microphone, accelerometer, Bluetooth - everything in WeChat is used to solve some problems.

WeChat users can make reservations or buy the item they need online. To do this, a well-designed payment system is included in the platform. Therefore, companies that sell goods can also use this application. If a company intends to do business in China, then the development of WeChat will become a must for it.


Audience: 2 billion

WhatsApp has become the most popular messaging platform in modern times. Moreover, users open messages in it with an open rate of 98% (against 20% in e-mail). In the early stages of the development of the messenger, many were burned by the complexity of marketing in WhatsApp.

However, everything flows, everything changes. There are three versions of WhatsApp in use today: the familiar messaging app, the business app, and the business API. The last two are aimed at small/medium and large businesses, respectively. Informing and supporting customers, booking taxis and flights, financial transactions and working with QR codes - all these operations work through WhatsApp


Audience: 2.56 billion

YouTube users watch a billion hours of video every day. This situation is just a paradise for the work of a marketer. Do not forget that YouTube is not just a colossal video hosting, but also a powerful search engine. The social network is an excellent tool for promoting a business of any kind.  Do not forget that YouTube is not just a colossal video hosting, but also a powerful search engine. The social network is an excellent tool for promoting a business of any kind through engaging and useful video content utilizing an AI YouTube video maker for creation & editing process.  

Social networks save business - a story from life

Bion Terrarium Center (Ukraine) is a company that breeds rare and endangered species of reptiles in captivity. Aleksey Marushchak, head of the research department of the company, spoke about the use of social networks in this rare business and how the company survived a critical situation thanks to social networks:

“Social media in business is a way to more easily, quickly and, in most cases, successfully reach a key buyer. The business of legally selling lab-bred reptiles for the needs of the global market is no exception.

With the advent and expansion of the role of social networks, our business has moved from the B2B (Business to Business) model, when we sold large quantities of animals by dealers, to the B2C (Business to client) model when we work with end customers. This is due to the fact that over the 29 years of its operation, BION has transformed into an international breeding center for rare and valuable reptile species.

Bion Terrarium Center breeds rare and endangered reptiles

With the help of social networks (although this is a rather time-consuming process), you can simultaneously communicate with several partners or clients, answering their questions, describing the proposed animals, sharing the necessary files, etc. Thus, the number of sales (however, with the complexity of the sales algorithm) is growing. Moreover, social networks provide an opportunity to maintain your page, which, on the one hand, is an advertisement and a means of accumulating the target audience. On the other hand, it is so convenient to convey to the maximum number of potentially interested people the necessary information about the goals and objectives of our business, bonuses, working methods and the benefits that we bring to society in the conservation of nature.

It was this aspect that helped us, by the way, when the war came to Ukraine. After February 24, it became impossible to deliver the ordered animals by air. The company survived largely thanks to its friends and subscribers. Through social networks, we were able to timely and honestly explain the situation, needs, and convey information to our target audience.

As a result of our many years of educating, advising and creating educational content, and ultimately the reputation of BION built over the years (which we hope has benefited more than one hundred people and animals), we have received much-needed support.

For which we are very grateful to our subscribers, sympathizers and like-minded people. Without social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, this result would not have been possible.”


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