Do you manually transfer new leads from Facebook to ActiveCampaign mailing lists? This data transfer can be fully automated. In this article, we'll show you how to set up the ActiveCampaign and Facebook integration. As a result, each new lead received through the social network will automatically be added to the contact list on the ActiveCampaign side.

1. How to setup Facebook and ActiveCampaign integration
2. Connect Facebook Lead Ads account
3. Connect ActiveCampaign account
4. Turn on auto-update
5. Conclusions


Email and SMS marketing are important components of product/service/brand promotion. Effective communication with regular and potential customers allows you to increase sales conversion and attract the target audience. The ActiveCampaign platform is one of the most popular and functional email marketing providers. The service offers a wide range of options for managing mailings. Marketers can use triggers, create different email sequences, conduct split testing, track results, and more.

The base for any mailing is a list of contacts. Users of the ActiveCampaign service can store and manage contacts, as well as segment them according to a wide range of criteria. Updating lists of email addresses and phone numbers is one of the key tasks in the implementation of mailing. Modern businesses tend to use different channels for lead generation, so the marketer must constantly monitor the emergence of new leads and update contact lists.

We will consider a situation where you need to add contacts based on the received leads from Facebook or Instagram. Facebook Lead Ads is an effective advertising tool that is used by businesses of almost any segment and scale. Contacts received using lead forms must be regularly uploaded from the Facebook advertising account and transferred to mailing lists. This process can be fully automated with Facebook and ActiveCampaign integration.

Facebook and ActiveCampaign integration | Contacts in ActiveCampaign

How to setup Facebook and ActiveCampaign integration

Integration setup allows you to automate various business processes. In our case, the task is to get rid of the regular manual transfer of data from Facebook to ActiveCampaign. One of the easiest ways to connect these two platforms is to use an online connector. SaveMyLeads is a zero code tool for setting up various integrations with Facebook Leads. To create a connection and automate the process of data transfer, you do not need programming skills or knowledge of special technologies.

The SaveMyLeads service works according to the following principle — the system tracks new leads in the Facebook advertising account, uploads the necessary data, sends it to the receiver and initiates a certain action. In our case, the receiver is the ActiveCampaign platform and the action is “create new contact”.

An intuitive interface and a simple setup procedure allow you to create an integration in just 5-10 minutes. Let's see how this is done in practice.

Connect Facebook Lead Ads account

Create a new connection in the SaveMyLeads.

Facebook and ActiveCampaign integration | Create a new connection in the SML

Select a template for configuration — ActiveCampaign (Create Contacts).

Facebook and ActiveCampaign integration | Select a template for configuration

At this stage, you need to connect your Facebook account to the SML service.

Facebook and ActiveCampaign integration | Connect Facebook account

Enter login and password.

Facebook and ActiveCampaign integration | Log into FB

Click "Edit Settings".

Facebook and ActiveCampaign integration | Click "Edit Settings"

Define advertising pages with which you will work in the SaveMyLeads system. We recommend marking all available pages at once.

Facebook and ActiveCampaign integration | Select advertising pages

Let's give the SML system the necessary access.

Facebook and ActiveCampaign integration | Access permition

Click "OK".

Facebook and ActiveCampaign integration | Click OK

The added account is now available for further customization.

Facebook and ActiveCampaign integration | Select FB account

Define an advertising page and a lead form. These are required data source settings. When the choice is made, click “Continue”.

Facebook and ActiveCampaign integration | Select page and form

If you have several active lead forms and want to upload the results for each of them, you need to make separate connections.

Connect ActiveCampaign account

Connect the ActiveCampaign account to the SML system.

Facebook and ActiveCampaign integration | Connect the ActiveCampaign account

We need to fill in the "API Domain" and "API Key" fields.

Facebook and ActiveCampaign integration | "API Domain" and "API Key" fields

In your personal ActiveCampaign account go to the “Settings” section.

Facebook and ActiveCampaign integration | In ActiveCampaign go to the “Settings” section 

Go to the "Developer" tab. The values we need are in the “URL” and “Key” fields. They must be copied and transferred to the SaveMyLeads system.

Facebook and ActiveCampaign integration | URL and Key 

The value from the “URL” field is inserted into the “API Domain” field, and from the “Key” field into the “API Key” field. Click "Save".

Facebook and ActiveCampaign integration | Completed fields “API Domain” and “API Key” 

We have added an ActiveCampaign account to the SML system. Select it and define the list to which new contacts will be added.

Facebook and ActiveCampaign integration | Select account and list 

Now let's move on to the ActiveCampaign fields. To customize the content of the field, you need to click in it and select the Facebook variable from the drop-down list. You can also use system variables or enter text manually.

Facebook and ActiveCampaign integration | Facebook variables 

If you are satisfied with the preset from SML, or you have configured all the necessary fields yourself, click “Continue”.

Facebook and ActiveCampaign integration | Click "Continue" 

Check the correctness of the configured connection — click "Send test data to ActiveCampaign".

Facebook and ActiveCampaign integration | Send test data 

Go to ActiveCampaign. A new entry has appeared in the “Contacts” section with our test data. The connection is working correctly.

Facebook and ActiveCampaign integration | A new contact 

Turn on auto-update

Click “Finish setup” to enable automatic communication update. From now on, our integration is activated, and new Facebook leads will be converted into ActiveCampaign contacts.

Facebook and ActiveCampaign integration | Turn on auto-update 

If necessary, you can change the name of the integration. Press the "gear" and enter your value.

Facebook and ActiveCampaign integration | Press "gear" and change the name of the connection 


The configured connection between Facebook and ActiveCampaign allows you to automate the transfer of new leads from the FB advertising account to the contact list for mailing. To create the integration, we used the SaveMyLeads service, a simple no-code tool that you can work with without special knowledge and skills.

Connect applications without developers in 5 minutes!

Automation of work processes (in our case, data transfer) allows you to exclude routine operations from daily duties. You can use your work time more efficiently and direct your attention to more important tasks. If you are still manually transferring Facebook leads to other systems, try using the SaveMyLeads service. The SML system will do the routine work for you.